Online Volunteer Opportunities For Students

Paul Froio

July 13, 2022

Paul Froio

all of a suddenFor more information on online volunteer opportunities, check out the following articles. These organizations can help you with research and education. Crisis Commons and DemocracyLab might also be of interest to you. But there are also opportunities for students with Be My Eyes. All of these groups offer many different ways to help them reach their goals. But if you are a student who wants to learn more about the real world, you might find these programs more interesting. Whether you are an undergrad or grad student, there are a number of ways to find online volunteer opportunities.

Crisis Commons

There are many online volunteer opportunities with Crisis Commons. Otherwise volunteer hours vary, but typically they are available on weekends and weekday evenings. Typical volunteer hours are between one and four hours per week. If you are interested in volunteering, you can find out more about them here. Information is also available by phone. Since, volunteers can contact the center directly. They will match you with the best volunteer opportunity for their skill set and availability.

Additionally, crisis Commons works with technology volunteers to create prototype tools. and aggregate data during crises. Volunteers should be knowledgeable about technology and should sign up well in advance of a crisis to avoid conflict. DemocracyLab connects skilled individuals and groups with projects that advance their skills and knowledge of current crisis situations. Through their work, volunteers and organizations can help advance understanding of how to solve crises, including the role technology plays in preventing them and developing effective solutions.


If you want to help the public good by using technology, consider volunteering with DemocracyLab. This tech-for-good project brings together tech experts with high school students looking for projects to help improve education, the environment, or civil infrastructure. These volunteer projects are open to high school students looking to learn new skills, network, or contribute their ideas. You can even volunteer to help with the actual implementation of these projects. You can sign up online to volunteer for one of these projects today.

Another way to get involved with online volunteering projects is to contribute to Wikipedia. You can contribute your knowledge and experience by editing articles or enhancing existing ones. Wikipedia strongly encourages attribution of sources. You can contribute to an English Wikipedia article or translate it into a foreign language. Whether you’re a native English speaker or a student. All of a sudden there’s a project that matches your skill set and interests. You can learn more about how to become a volunteer with DemocracyLab by checking out the site and exploring online opportunities.

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes has many ways to connect you with people in need. Through online volunteer opportunities, you can provide emotional support through the power of video chat. You can help people in 185 languages and work from home. Be My Eyes also offers video support tools for your CX team. You can make a difference by helping others in your company improve their accessibility. And, as a bonus, you can earn money while helping people in need!

Be My Eyes matches blind people with sighted volunteers who have the time, skills, and language to provide assistance. To point out these helpers are paired with people who need their assistance with everyday tasks, such as reading labels or finding lost items. Volunteers can sign up as both sighted and blind individuals. As shown above once paired, they’ll receive a call. The volunteers can then assist the person, as needed. By answering the first request, volunteers can help people who are blind navigate the world around them.

Be My Eyes for students

The Be My Eyes app is a free online volunteer program that connects sighted individuals with visually impaired people. You can use this app to translate texts, audios, and videos for international organizations that support the blind and low vision community. The program promotes health and education, and matches people who are able to read and write to people who cannot. Volunteers can work with blind and low vision individuals in their own communities or across the globe.

Students can sign up for virtual volunteer opportunities through the American Red Cross. The organization works to provide compassionate care to those in need around the world. There are many opportunities for volunteers, including online. Amnesty International offers a platform that lets volunteers read public domain books and turn them into accessible audiobooks. But another option is Be My Eyes, which matches sighted volunteers with blind people. Blind people need help navigating the world, and you can help them lead more independent lives.

Be My Eyes for students with a second language

If you’re studying abroad, you can sign up for online volunteer opportunities with organizations like Be My Eyes for students with a secondary language. The program matches visually impaired people with sighted volunteers for a range of different tasks.The nonprofit focuses on education and health. To volunteer, download the Be My Eyes app on your smartphone and follow the on-screen instructions.

Students who wish to help blind and low-vision individuals can join Be My Eyes. These volunteers transcribe historic documents. Anyone can sign up for this project, and they’re given specific tasks to complete. Other volunteer roles include graphic design, fundraising, and project management. The nonprofit even has a dedicated app. As a result, for students with a second language. But the organization also provides a mentoring program.

Smithsonian Digital Volunteers

There are several ways you can become a Smithsonian Digital Volunteer. These online volunteer opportunities range from interpreting historic documents on online Volunteering ┬áto typing out interviews with midcentury artists. All of these projects will contribute to the museum’s mission to increase public access to historical documents. In addition, you can get paid to do it! If you have some experience with digital media, the Smithsonian would delight to have your expertise.

To volunteer with the Smithsonian Digital Volunteers, you can start by learning more about their Transcription Center project. By becoming a Smithsonian Digital Volunteer. If you will get the opportunity to be part of Smithsonian collections while also having a great deal of flexibility.