About Me

Paul Froio is an experienced Global business executive and leader in the athletic footwear and apparel industry. Currently, Paul Froio oversees product creation as Vice President of Global Core Footwear at the Reebok corporation. Froio’s extensive business background includes proven experience and success in brand strategy, sales, distribution, direct-to consumer sales, retail, merchandising, marketing, and operations. Paul Froio is considered a global expert in business and people leadership, product creation, brand strategy, sales & marketing, business development. Since 1994, Paul Froio has been a loyal and valued leader at Reebok and Adidas, having delivered expert team leadership, growth-driven strategy, and bottom-line results for these industry-leading athletic Brands for 27 years. During his Reebok career, Froio has enjoyed success in diverse roles of progressive importance, scope, and responsibility. In addition to marked success as business executive, Paul Froio is a dedicated husband and the loving father of three children. A Massachusetts resident, Paul Froio is also an avid boater, golfer, and world traveler.


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